World's first offshore platform on Google Streetview

Cygnus has become the first ever offshore platform to be accessible via Google Streetview, giving a unique insight into life in the oil and gas industry.

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Aug 10, 2018

Cygnus, the largest single producing gas field in the southern North Sea, is now available for a virtual tour.

You can also go behind the scenes and meet some of the team who keep the installation - which produces enough gas to meet the equivalent demand of 1.5million UK homes - safe and operational.

On www.spirit-energy.com/cygnus, you can walk from helideck, to the accommodation block and right through to the wellheads, going via two bridges linking the three platforms together.

Spirit Energy has a 61.25% interest in Cygnus, which came on stream in December 2016 and contributes 5% to the UK gas production. The field life is over 20 years, excluding future potential developments and tie-ins.

The Cygnus gas field was first discovered in 1988. A group led by Neptune Energy were awarded the licence in the 20th round. Subsequent subsurface data analysis, innovative geological thinking and leading-edge geophysics enabled this discovery to become the largest gas field development in the Southern North Sea in over 30 years.