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Clara Riddell
Using technology to unlock new ways of working
09 Apr 2021

It’s been over a year since those of us who normally occupy a desk in an office have been forced to instead occupy dining tables, kitchen counters, sofas or beds.

While the environments we’re working in might not be ideal, it’s hard to imagine how we would navigate this period at all – either professionally or personally – without technology. Just as the pandemic has disrupted our sense of normal, tech has helped us hold on to some normality by connecting us with friends, family and colleagues in ways we never thought we would need.

Now, as there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel in the form of mass vaccinations and companies and colleagues start thinking about what a return to our offices looks like, we must keep hold of the good things we have learned in the past year – as they say, don’t waste a crisis.

If I think about how we approach technology in the oil and gas sector, I see a lot we can learn from the past 12 months.
Carla Riddell
SVP Energy Transition, Digitalisation & West of Shetland

That applies to organisations the world over of course, but if I think about how we approach technology in the oil and gas sector, I see a lot we can learn from the past 12 months. As individuals, as companies, and as an industry, we have faced incredible change and challenges in the past year. But more change and challenges lie ahead – front of my mind is how the sector faces up to our commitment to become Net Zero by 2050. New technology can again be the vehicle to get us there – but it’s the culture we implement that will drive that change.


Embracing new technology gives us an advantage – not over each other, but over how we used to work in the past. With the changes the industry needs to make in the years to come, that’s more important now than ever, and it’s why I think testing and implementing new technology is actually an opportunity for operators and the supply chain to share learnings.

For me, the main thing this period has shown is that technology can unlock incredible new ways of working – when we need to think differently, we can adapt, and use the tools at our disposal to smooth the transition. We must do the same again. Technology is not a silver bullet – the latest kit isn’t going to provide the solution on its own – but the past 12 months have shown that if we want it to, we can use it to help solve whatever challenges come our way.