09 jan 2020

Statfjord field life extended significantly

Spirit Energy and its partners in the Statfjord area plan to drill up to 100 new wells and extend production by more than 10 years. Previous plans to decommission Statfjord A in 2022 have been shelved to extract even more value from the field.

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13 des 2019

Discoveries in the Southern N. Sea Bring Encouraging Results

Spirit Energy will become the Operator of a new Southern North Sea discovery after an encouraging exploration campaign.

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29 okt 2019

Spirit Energy raises production

Production has been boosted from a North Sea gas field as part of a £68.5 million campaign.

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11 okt 2019

New investment extends North Sea field life

A North Sea oil field has been set up for a new lease of life after a £140 million investment to unlock fresh reserves.

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19 mar 2019

Oda field on stream almost five months ahead of plan

On 16 March, Spirit Energy started oil production on the Oda field, almost five months earlier than the original plan. The project has also come in under budget, with development costs reduced by around 15%.

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20 feb 2019

Disused gas platforms to be decommissioned

Two normally unmanned installations which used to produce gas in Morecambe Bay will be decommissioned under plans to be submitted by Spirit Energy.

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15 jan 2019

Spirit Energy wins new exploration licences in Norway

Spirit Energy has been awarded nine new licences in the Awards in Predefined Areas (APA) round on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, including two as operator.

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07 des 2018

Spirit Energy takes on operatorship of Babbage gas field

Spirit Energy has also taken on operatorship of the nearby Cobra licence, where it holds a 50% interest.

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23 nov 2018

Environmental statement submitted for Pegasus West

Spirit Energy has submitted its Environmental Statement for the Pegasus West development, bringing the field closer to sanction.

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01 okt 2018

Plan for development and operation approved

The plan for development and operation (PDO) for the Nova field is now approved. Spirit Energy has a 20 percent ownership interest in the North Sea oil field.

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