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Offshore oil platform at sunset
16 mar 2021

Statfjord: A never-ending story

On January 16, 1987, the Statfjord field reached peak production with an incredible 850,204 barrels of oil. A generation later, the total production from the North Sea giant has passed 5 billion barrels and plans to drill up to 100 new wells at the field are on the table.

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Spirit Energy's Al Currie smiling for the camera
21 jan 2021

Bringing Teams Together in Lockdown

In the socially-distant, home-working world we find ourselves in, building business relationships and a team camaraderie can be difficult. For Spirit Energy’s Al Currie, however, creating the conditions where everyone is working towards a common goal is as important today as it has ever been.

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31 jan 2020

Don't sit on the sidelines of safety

Since her first stint offshore as a jack-up stewardess at just 21 years’ old, Steph Sunley, a Logistics Supervisor and Elected Safety Representative, has been a passionate advocate for improving safety performance offshore. 

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17 des 2019

A shared purpose is the key to success

More than 27 years since production first started in the Greater Markham Area (GMA), it continues to exceed expectations, with collaboration, hard work and unwavering faith in a promised outcome undoubtedly factors behind its success.

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Spirit Energy's Mustafa Mohamad standing with his arms crossed, laughing
19 nov 2019

Diversity and inclusion should be part of the job description

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) is a major discussion point in the oil and gas industry, and a topic that's particularly close to the heart of Mustafa Mohamed, Spirit’s Incident Free Workplace (IFW) Programme Manager.

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Spirit Energy's Arnaud Mille leaning against a pillar and smiling for the camera
09 okt 2019

Exploring for oil and gas in the West of Shetland

Arnaud Mille, Asset Manager for the Greater Warwick Area (GWA) chats about his career at Spirit Energy.

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Two smiling women at a table
24 sep 2019

Balancing the equation, one role model at a time

Norway needs more engineers and technologists. Although women make up 60 per cent of those in higher education in Norway, only about 20 per cent opt to study engineering. And despite numerous measures to motivate them to choose this path, numbers have been stagnating.

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05 sep 2019

Shoot for the moon

Sixteen miles west of Blackpool, offshore England’s northwest coast, lies Spirit Energy’s Morecambe Bay gas fields, now in their fourth decade of pioneering gas production. Leading the charge are Operations Manager, Steve Newton and Morecambe Hub Asset Manager, John Cowie.

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Spirit Energy's Richard Newby in orange work clothes and safety helmet
19 aug 2019

Innovation doesn't happen overnight

Over the years, the oil and gas industry has been under scrutiny for its ‘race to be second’ mindset; a reluctance to take a risk on new technologies. But Spirit Energy has tried to buck that trend – our courage, curiosity and openness towards new ways of working most recently demonstrated during the ongoing decommissioning of our A-Fields development.

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Close-up of Spirit Energy's Eide Henning
30 jul 2019

Setting a new standard for collaboration

In March 2019, a new chapter was written in Spirit Energy’s history, with first oil achieved from the Oda field – the company’s first operated development on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS). Production started five months ahead of schedule with the project coming in 15% under budget.

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