Policies and Procedures

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Our policies and procedures

At Spirit Energy, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of corporate governance and practice.

Across our operations, we and our supply chain partners adhere to policies and procedures ranging from prioritising safety to being a responsible business and employer. These are set out below:

Anti-bribery and Corruption

Corporate Social Responsibility for Suppliers

Policy and Standard for the Procurement of Goods and Services

Our environmental performance

We take our responsibilities for safeguarding the environment and mitigating our environmental impact seriously.

Every year, we report on our performance as part of the OSPAR Recommendation 2003/5, and our reports are available here:




supplier resources

Our supply chain partners are a vital part of our business, and we work closely with our contractors to deliver our operations safely.

For more details on the standards, policies and procedures we expect our supply chain partners to adhere to, please select from the documents below:

General Terms And Conditions (UK)

General Terms And Conditions (Norway)

General Terms And Conditions (The Netherlands)