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Spirit Energy Awarded Excellence in Decommissioning
23 Nov 2023


Spirit Energy has been awarded the operator award for Excellence in Decommissioning at the annual Offshore Energies UK (OEUK) Decommissioning Conference in St Andrews.

The award was one of two on the night and focused on how the UK industry approaches decommissioning projects. Spirit Energy’s submission held a prominent theme on its cost saving across its decommissioning programs as well as its strong focus on collaboration across the supply chain.

Since 2016 Spirit Energy has Identified and captured almost 40% of cost savings across its decommissioning programs and orchestrated an early initiation approach to supply chain collaboration for recent projects as well as bolstering broad engagement across all potential suppliers. They have created portfolio wide contract opportunities, initiating long-term relationships and driven efficiencies through multi-asset campaigns implementing several industry firsts. Spirit has been deliberate in ensuring that UK businesses have been included in all its market opportunities.

Head of Decommissioning and projects at Spirit Energy, Donald Martin, said: “The award serves as a mark of credibility, demonstrating to partners, and stakeholders that Spirit excels in decommissioning projects, increasing trust and confidence to continue our strategy of early investment, multi-asset campaigning, and supply chain collaboration. We have a willingness and courage to go first, rather than the race to be second which has been fundamental, and we will continue to work with our suppliers to remove uncertainties together and create the opportunity to do something different.”

Spirit Energy CEO, Neil McCulloch said: “This award is a fantastic achievement and great recognition for the team and for Spirit Energy and validation of the expertise and achievements in this field. Decommissioning is one of our strategic pillars alongside energy transition and production, which will remain a strong focus into the future vision of our business.”