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80% of every Pound and Euro we spend is with our supply chain. Our contract partners are a vital part of our business and we work closely with them to deliver our operations safely.

We take our relationships with our supply chain very seriously. They are an extension of our team and the way we work with them is undoubtedly a key part of our success.

It goes without saying that we demand the best. But here at Spirit Energy, we see that as a two-way street. Not only do we rigorously assess the quality and capability of our supply base, we also hold ourselves accountable as a customer and manage our relationships with integrity.

We also expect our suppliers to act in line with our Core Values of Delivery, Collaboration, Agility, Courage and Care, and to comply with our ethical, social, safety and environmental requirements, including our vision of an Incident Free Workplace.


We can proudly point to many contractor relationships that we have built-up over the years, and we are always keen to hear from prospective suppliers that are interested in working with us. You just need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Get in touch. Send us an email with your company name, location, annual turnover and contact details. Don’t forget to include a brief overview of the services or goods your company provides, and your HSE record.
  • New suppliers (and periodically, existing ones) are vetted in line with our supplier onboarding processes. Once we’ve had a look at your information, we’ll pass it on to the relevant teams (copying you). They will make contact if appropriate.
  • Here’s another tip. In the UK we use SEQual and in the Netherlands, we use FPAL to identify potential suppliers. So, we would recommend that suppliers looking to work with us are registered accordingly.


Safety is paramount to us at Spirit, please take time to look through our HSES Expectations.

We've created an HSE Alert drop box that all contractors and suppliers should use to inform us of any safety alerts or lessons learnt.

Please ‘Cc’ this monitored HSE Alert drop box when contacting the contract owners, to share any lessons learnt.

The drop box should not be used to notify of an incident involving our work; these still need to be communicated formally and in a timely manner.


We’re no commitment-phobe. We welcome the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships hinged on reliability, respect, trust and performance. And here are a few reasons that we think we are worth the effort.

As a signatory to the industry ‘Supply Chain Code of Practice’ we pride ourselves in treating our suppliers as mutual partners. We actively participate in industry initiatives designed to create a collaborative, value-focused supply chain that maximises economic recovery for the areas in which we operate.

We aim to provide our suppliers with:

  • Consistency in our expectations
  • An invitation to be included in early planning
  • Collaborative behaviours
  • Mutually beneficial relationships

We ask our suppliers to reciprocate this by assuring:

  • Quality in materials, equipment and/or services
  • Safe and incident-free operations
  • Great delivery
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • They are innovative in seeking opportunities that add value for Spirit and our supply chain


Across our operations, together with our supply chain partners, we adhere to a range of policies and procedures, from prioritising safety to being a responsible business and employer:

Corporate Responsibility and Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy

General Terms & Conditions (UK)

General Terms & Conditions (The Netherlands)


We have a zero-tolerance approach to slavery and human trafficking, underpinned by our Modern Slavery Statement, which outlines the steps we have taken as an organisation to assess our operations and supply chain, and mitigate any risk of slavery and human trafficking.

We are committed to conducting business ethically and responsibly, and tackling slavery and human rights wherever we can.