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Our core values underpin the company’s vision and strategy, shaping our culture and how we show up every day.

Helix Care


This drives us to always feel responsible for ourselves, our colleagues and our community

We care deeply about our impact and have a sense of responsibility that goes beyond the job. Our business impacts the industry, the environment, the communities in which we operate and the people who choose to work with us. We all have a responsibility to ensure that our impact is a positive one. We respect each other and the trust placed in us.

Helix Agility


This happens when our habits and attitudes allow us to be nimble, curious and innovative

We actively seek out new perspectives and technologies, always asking ourselves if what we are doing adds value, and challenging it if it doesn’t. We face the truth if something isn’t working and quickly change direction. We seek out opportunities which will add value, welcome new perspectives and are willing to change course to improve. We don’t stand still.

Helix Courage


We add value by holding ourselves accountable, challenging conventional thinking and facing our fears head-on

Being courageous isn’t about taking unnecessary risks. It is about pursuing the right outcome, even when it isn’t easy. It means making things happen and standing up for what we believe in. By facing into the challenge and grasping the opportunities, we can shape our own future.

Helix Delivery


We perform at the highest level and in the right way to deliver on our strategy

Striving for the most optimal outcome means knowing our targets, how we are performing and the role each individual plays in supporting this. We recognise high performance and incorporate it into everything we do – seeking simplicity, efficiency, innovation and continuous improvement. Focusing on delivery is an integral part of achieving our vision and reaching our full potential.

Helix Collaboration (1)


We win together by building, nurturing and expanding our networks

We believe partnerships and relationships are fundamental. By working together as one team across our disciplines and geographies, we gain the winning expertise to deliver against our strategy. We are challenging diverse teams across our business, to ensure we get the basics right. Seeking out views and mutual understanding, even from our harshest critics. This collaborative approach will ensure we get the best outcomes, and gives us the foundations we need to grow our resources and reserves.