We take our responsibility for safeguarding the environment seriously. We care about sustainability and always look for opportunities to minimise our impact.

What we're doing

Catalytic converter

In 2019, as the result of an £11.2m investment, we installed a catalytic converter to treat nitrogen oxide emissions from the North Morecambe Terminal. Through this, we have been able to reduce emissions of both Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) from the field gas compressor - the largest source of these emissions on site - by more than 80%.

Protecting wildlife

In the summer of 2019, we supported Natural England and the Cumbria Wildlife Trust in their efforts to colour mark over 100 gulls nesting at the Barrow Gas Terminals; part of a long-term project designed to monitor the health of lesser black-backed and herring gull populations across North West England. The site’s close proximity to the estuary means it is a popular location for them and, by attaching a uniquely coded metal ring to each bird’s leg, their movements (distance, direction and duration of travel) and survival can be more accurately recorded and monitored, aiding conservation efforts.

SCR Systems

In 2017, we designed, engineered and installed a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system on the gas turbines on our Markham J6A platform in the Dutch sector of the North Sea. This was the first time an SCR unit had ever been installed on an offshore platform, and the €5 million outlay led to an impressive NOx reduction of 75%, meeting new regulation set out by the Dutch government.

Reducing Emissions

In 2016, we invested £84m in the Barrow Terminal Project, constructing a new pipeline between our South and North Morecambe Terminals. This has improved the efficiency of gas processing on site, with a year-on-year reduction in emissions to air from combustion activities.


The management of waste during decommissioning is a key environmental issue for the oil and gas industry. We aim to re-use and recycle as much of what we remove as possible to minimise our environmental impact. When we decommissioned the Stamford and Rose fields in the Southern North Sea, of the 1,000 tonnes of infrastructure removed, zero waste was sent to landfill.


Every year, we report on our performance as part of the OSPAR Recommendation 2003/5.

Our reports are available here