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The Greater Markham Area (GMA) hub spans both the UK and Dutch Continental Shelves, and comprises the Markham, Chiswick, Grove and Kew fields. Spirit Energy also has non-operated interests in the Windermere and J3C fields, while the Markham J6A platform serves as the manned processing hub for the GMA.

The J6A main platform is a six-legged steel jacket fixed platform, installed in 1991 with an original design life of 25 years, with production starting in 1992. It has eight well slots, five of which have been drilled, and a life-extension program has been in place since 2015, targeting an expected field life of 2028 or longer. Grove and Chiswick are Normally Unmanned Installations (NUIs), in which Spirit Energy has an equity interest of 92.5% and 100% respectively, with an operated interest in the Markham field of 37.5%.

Chiswick was discovered in 1984, before coming on stream in 2007. Grove was discovered in 1971 and brought on stream in 2007. Kew was discovered in 1988, with an appraisal well drilled in 2009 and a further development well drilled in 2013 before being tied-back to the Chiswick platform, with production starting in January 2014. GMA contributes significant reserves and production to Spirit Energy’s portfolio with the potential to increase both through infill drilling and well workovers. To that effect, the fifth well in the Chiswick field, C5Y, was drilled in 2019, boosting overall production from the hub.

From J6A, the gas and condensate are exported into the WGT (+ extension) pipeline, 160km into the Den Helder onshore terminal for separation, conditioning and distribution.

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