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Closing our gender pay gap
07 May 2019

Check out our new video, which outlines how we’re driving greater gender balance, and creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce at Spirit Energy.

A diverse workforce that reflects the world around us is key to the success of our business.

That’s why we welcome the insights provided by the annual Gender Pay Gap reporting process, which is now mandatory for all organisations with 250 or more employees across the UK.

Our data showed us that, while we do have a gap, it is predominantly driven by the uneven distribution of men and women across the business, and the type of roles they do. For example, we have more men than women in our most senior positions, with the gap compounded by a greater proportion of women in part-time roles.

We remain committed to looking for meaningful ways to help achieve better gender balance across all levels of our organisation, as well as tackling some of the broader structural issues in the oil and gas industry.

Check out the video to learn what we are doing for our teams today, and for the people joining Spirit Energy in future.